The Lindsey Vonn Foundation

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation

Providing scholarships and development for education, recreations, and enrichment programs to offer generations to come the equipment they must achieve their goals and see their grit within.

Concerning the Foundation

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation is invested in engaging the city and our future generation with a confident and constructive environment. We consider strengthening the grouped community by supporting girls through scholarships, education and athletics. With this all-girl system we create an appropriate environment for development as athletes, as learners, so that as people.

How Exactly We Utilize Funds & Donations

Because the Lindsey Vonn Foundation is simply beginning, funds are valued inside your. All contributions and funds raised may be placed towards programs to greatly help girls attain their desires. Our objectives this 12 months are to fund more girls camps, inspire self-confidence through more speaker show, and present more scholarships towards the girls who require it. Click the link to join up for the newsletter that is seasonal and just what we’ve been up to!

Board Users


Lindsey’s ski job has taught her never to quit. As she will continue to over come hurdles, she desires to make use of her experience to simply help girls follow their aspirations. Lindsey is dedicating her future to ensuring girls that are young prepared to overcome the planet.


As Executive Director, Laura is concentrated on translating our objective into action for girls, future leaders and LVF supporters. Her history and passion for writing helps achieve town, inform the tales and bring our efforts to life in a significant means.


Lindsey’s sibling Karin stocks the passion and eyesight to develop the building blocks and effect as numerous girls as you can. […]