RankingHero to Help BLUFF Europe to Innovate Its Poker Ranking System

RankingHero to Help BLUFF Europe to Innovate Its Poker Ranking System

RankingHero an on-line poker that is social, happens to be area of the European poker ranking system, due to its brand new partnership with BLUFF Europe. The operator will now work to boost the ranking system of BLUFF, which can be in a head-to-head competition with GPI Global Poker Index.

The France-based social poker operator is now caring for the management of the European mag and you will be responsible for enhancing its standing algorithms.

This brand new deal is initial for RankingHero with this magnitude. The European poker ranking market currently has two major rivals GPI and BLUFF mag. With the help of RankingHero, the poker ranking algorithm of BLUFF magazine is now enhanced, with contemporary features such as considering tournaments’ buy-in costs and fulfilling players for both persistence and big ratings.

Michael Caselli of BLUFF Europe describes that the company has created its own system that is ranking ago and despite its success, he states technologies have enhanced over the years therefore the system have to do similar so that you can stay viable. He could be confident in RankingHero’s capacity to provide the required know-how to ahead stand one step of GPI casino free online. He described the poker that is social of RankingHero as ‘the most comprehensive around’.

The CCO of RankingHero additionally expressed their excitement for the partnership that is new. He said that BLUFF Europe has had its positioning for decades, and it has founded a well-known and respected title one of the European poker community. […]